Lingua franca, language used as a means of communication between populations speaking vernaculars that are not mutually intelligible.

Lexicon, 1: a book containing an alphabetical arrangement of the words in a language and their definitions

2a: the vocabulary of a language, an individual speaker or group of speakers, or a subject

b: the total stock of morphemes in a language

3: repertoire, inventory

Definitions courtesy of Encyclopedia Brittanica and Merriam-Webster

9Q7A7410I’m an actor, rhetorician, voice coach, and a follower of Jesus. It’s my passion to restore relationships between people, the world, and God through the “lingua franca”, the common language, of storytelling. Many forces create division, but stories can restore and heal.

This blog is my place to explore the symbiotic relationships between rhetoric, theatre, and faith, as well as provide some practical insights into these fields from the perspective of a working artist. My hope is that you leave with a new-found zeal for the delectability and joy of language, and use your own with a little more precision and presence.

Acacia is a classically trained actor & coach specializing in heightened text & physical theatre. To see her acting, coaching, and producing credits, head to www.acacianandanielson.com

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