Poem | The Word Unleashed

O, for a Muse of Fire

That would release us

From the shackles

Of our Indifference.


Silence: the Word descends, the veil lifts.

So with ignorance, we begin.

Light: the Word unleashed, the action shifts.

A dance of bones and mortal sin.


Ignited tongues would scald the heart.

No mercy reins in this dark farce.

Savage minds, savage words,

Talk of peace, never heard.

Vicious tongues lash the ear;

Love of hate, love of fear.

A pause: The end?

Did we suspend

Our disbelief

To be

Unmasked, remorseless, and unmoved?


We trace the boards as mappers do,

To find the way that’s truest through.

And in our limping, we may see

The all conclusive apogee:

In this the living, breathing word,

We prove love’s triumph over sword.

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