First Day of School! (Faculty Edition)

Today was my first day of school as part time faculty at Shakespeare Theatre Company's Academy for Classical Acting at George Washington University. While adjusting to Zoom will be an ongoing process, it's truly a joy share the juiciness and wonder of rhetoric with a new batch of students. I like to introduce the study … Continue reading First Day of School! (Faculty Edition)

“At Burt Lake” by Tom Andrews

To disappear into the right words and to be their meanings. . .   October dusk. Pink scraps of clouds, a plum-colored sky. The sycamore tree spills a few leaves. The cold focuses like a lens. . .   Now night falls, its hair caught in the lake's eye.   Such clarity of things. Already … Continue reading “At Burt Lake” by Tom Andrews

Quote | Tim Keller on Faithful Presence

“The proper cultural strategy is faithful presence within,” he added, “not pulling away from the culture, and not trying to take it over. ‘Faithful presence within’ means being faithful; it means we’re not going to assimilate, [but] we’re going to be distinctively Christian. It’s about an attitude of service, uncompromising in our beliefs, but not … Continue reading Quote | Tim Keller on Faithful Presence